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Women In Creative Enterprise (WICE) is a ‘Not For Profit’ organisation set up to develop women as influential leaders who inspire and deliver positive social change in the community through their creativity. WICE is a platform initiated and led by creative women to promote creativity in women and young girls and advancing their abilities through the fusion of leadership skills and creative talent with modern digital advancements.









About Us

WICE empowers creativity in women for confidence building, to boost mental health and eliminate loneliness. We bring women together for workshops, networking and social events and team building activities. WICE initiate and deliver events which raise cultural awareness, encourage women to enjoy being creative and signpost women to multidisciplinary organisations for further information. We support and train women in creative skills for wealth creation, to earn sustainable income and gain independence and economic freedom to prevent gender-based violence. Through our WICE website, conferences, symposia and seminars we aim to also inspire the next generation of young women and girls for leadership.

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WICE is a ‘not for profit’ organisation and we are constantly evolving. In order to do what we do so well, we rely on the support of individuals, organisations and the government.

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