WICE Convention & Gala Night

A. WICE Conference:

Our WICE conference one half of our 2-part annual WICE Convention. It is a place with a concentrated intellectual effort where focus is on issues faced by creative women with the aim of proffering solutions to such issues. A ‘think tank’ place where the main aim is to begin to break down barriers, where a plethora of inspirational presentations, workshops and activities are lined up to provide powerful tools which encourage women into their next level of personal achievement. 

A place where women can come and learn from successful creative female leaders, with a hub of buzzing creatives ready to promote cultural and digital awareness, support creativity in women and nurture leadership in young women and girls. A forum where eloquent and competent moderators are on hand to ensure a smooth, fun and quality day.

Featuring; Keynote speeches, inspirational talks, workshops, panel discussions, entertainment, networking, elevator pitches, exhibitions, creative hub tour and more.

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B. WICE Gala and Recognition Night:

This is a night to promote social interactions, entertainment, fun, fashion, style and glamour where many influential guests and creative enterprise doyens gather. A place to meet with creative women of excellence for a social connection time. Attendees network with a great group of creative, supportive, courageous and inspirational women. Women have the opportunity to meet a diversity of women and have a glimpse into their creative world, learn what can inspire them to take their creativity forward with confidence.

WICE Gala and Recognition Night is a night of introduction, more time for networking and support in a relaxed, friendly and social environment with plenty of food, music and entertainment.

A night where women make connections to others and to ourselves more feel supported while also being supportive more than if we walk alone and where loneliness exists. It is a night where inspirational from women share individual, uplifting and inspiring stories about their creative journeys and motivate others to go the extra mile and win.

WICE Gala and Recognition Night is also a night of recognition, presentation and celebration. WICE creates a positive image of inspiration for young women and girls of Black origin, by recognising the achievement of creativity and inspiring Black female role models and presenting achievement awards. WICE honour, celebrate and appreciate creative women for their achievements and celebrate those making positive contributions in the industry and within their different communities. This is a night of fun, praise, socialising and networking where culture is on show and celebrated.

The night features; pink and gold carpet, photo session, media presence, three course meal, cultural entertainment, networking, boutique show, exhibition, raffle draw, games, Dance! Dance! Dance!!

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WICE Mingle:

Our monthly networking forum where we bring creative women together for a fun, relaxing and entertaining time. We create a platform where we bring creatives together for workshops and opportunities to network, make meaningful, valuable connections and form lasting relationships with like minded creatives while learning new creative skills or enhancing old ones.

It is an opportunity for creatives like; textile artists, film producers, musicians, fashion designers, costume designers, jewellery curators, make up artists, poets, photographers, models, stylists, content creators, performers and more to network.

It is a safe place to meet new friends, join creative workshops where women and girls can start, or get support to complete, creative projects.

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WICE Mingle Mini, our mingle for youth coming soon…

WICE Words Series:

WICE has put together a bank of creative words and thoughts to share with our audience. WICE Words to inspire, WICE Words to motivate and WICE Words to get women’s creative and digital ideas flowing.

This is an interactive words series where we share ‘WICE Words’ across our website and digital platforms and invite our followers to join in by also contributing their creative words and thoughts.

We share our contributors’ WICE words of wisdom to get everyone inspired together by asking thought provoking questions such as;


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We also share their WICE words of wisdom to get everyone inspired with thought provoking questions like;

  • Who is a creative woman?
  • What does creativity mean to you?
  • Which words of wisdom does creativity speak to you?
  • Which words inspire you to get creative?
  • What does creativity do to you?
  • Which thoughts motivate your creativity?
  • Where does creativity take you?
  • When does creativity happen for you?
  • How do you see yourself as a creative being?
  • What does success mean to you?
  • As a creative woman how would you describe yourself in one word only?


Through this forum, it is our belief that our WICE Words of wisdom will serve as little nuggets and bite-size reminders of how great our women can become when they create.

WICE Couch:

Our regular podcast where we tackle stereotypes and challenges and discuss matters of common interest to try and find solutions to the problems faced by women. WICE Couch is our platform which enables us to proffer solutions by examining and identifying critical starting steps to address such issues with our audience and members through segments including; Open Mic discussions, Q and A sessions and live viewer participation.

WICE Couch discussions are focused on creativity, art and culture, digital technology, entrepreneurship, self-development and well-being. WICE Couch engages in community project development work focused around young women and girls of African origin.

WICE connects via digital and social media and provides a platform for young female creatives to discuss their hopes and expectations.


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